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                   Local - Independent - Professsional - Eye Care

          Eyewise Optometrists - Ophthalmic Opticians - Banchory

  • Deeside's leading opticians, offer you a comprehensive Eye Test and an fantastic selection of fashionable designer brand frames & budget selection, for men, women and children.
  • Professional advice on Eyewear and Spectacle Lenses by our FBDO qualified Dispensing Optician.
  • All types of Contact lenses - Soft, Gas Permeable, Multifocal are regularly fitted in the practice with a full aftercare service.
  • Aberdeenshire's only practice fitting 'Nocturnal' - Ortho 'K' Lenses, which gradually reshape your cornea whilst asleep.
  • We stock Sunglasses both prescription & non-prescription. Ready Readers and Low Vision aids.
  • Special appointments are available for children's Eye Tests for Aberdeen Children's  Hospital.
  • Vision Therapy  for visual learning difficulties by our BABO qualified Optometrist.
  • We are conveniently situated in Banchory High Street shopping area, close to public transport and parking.

          Committed to excellent Eye Care and Professional advice



Eyewise Optometrists guarantee a Comprehensive Eye Test (FREE under Scottish NHS).

Diabetes and Glaucoma investigation including

Digital Retinal Photography with optional 3D OCT scan.

EyeTest for Children

Professional advice and Personal Care.   


Eyewise Optometrists now offer an additional diagnostic test using the latest instrument technology to look beneath the surface of your eye using a 3D OCT.

The 3D OCT is particularly usefull for those patients suffering from unusual visual symptoms including vitreous detachment.

Age increases the risk of macula changes. 

The 3D OCT  accurately highlights suspected abnormalities for patients with a family history of eye desease. Early detection of problems such as AMD or GLAUCOMA ensures treatment is received earlier, before devastating visual sight loss.


Eyewise Optometrists are independent ophthalmic opticians

and able to source most Frames & lenses.

A comprehensive range of fashionable eyewear from

 designer to budget ranges.

Professional help when selecting the most appropriate Frames

& lenses for your prescription.  

Prescription & non prescription Sunglasses.

Reading Glasses and Low Vision aids. 

Lenses include: Zeiss, Rodenstock, Essilor, Nikon, Seiko.


Eyewise Optometrists are Contact Lens specialists

and all types of contact lenses are available

Soft and Daily disposable,Gas Permeable & Ortho 'K' lenses.

Full fitting and aftercare service & Direct Debit payments.

The latest contact lens technology is available.

Acuvue, Alcon,Coopervision, Bauch & Lomb




Eyewise Optometrists have a track record of fitting patients sucessfully with Ortho 'K' - Nocturnal Lenses.

These lenses are only worn whilst asleep and gradually

change the shape of your cornea to change how light is

focused on the retina at the back of your eye.

It can help short sighted - (myopic) patients see without

wearing spectacles during the day. 

They give you more freedom to enjoy sporting activities.


Eyewise Optometrists are confident testing children over 3 years old and we encourage regular vision testing of children.

We check for colour blindness and take a retinal digital photograph of the back of the eye.

Every child should be tested to ensure their learning is not impeded by reduced vision.

All it takes is 20-30 minutes to rule out hyperopia, myopia, strabismus (squint) and colour blindness.



Our Optometrist at Eyewise Optometrists is a registered with BABO (British Association of Behavioural Optometrists)

Vision Therapy or Behavioral Optometry describes

treatment for Visual Processing defecits, that prevent

your child from reaching their full potential.

It is usually evident in reading writing and spelling.
Learning and Dyslexia assessments: Private consultation.

Call: 01330 823306

e-mail: eyewiseoptometrists@talktalkbusiness.net

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