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Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory Children's Vision

Your Child's Eye Test & Vision



Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory

are confident testing children over 3 years old and we encourage regular vision testing of children.


Young children will be given an assessment to match their development, so don't worry; they don't need to know their alphabet or colours.


During the eye test, stereo acuity is screened to ensure your child can comfortably and confidently use their eyes together.


Your Child will also have their colour vision tested and a photograph taken of the back of their eye.


Children's eyes need to have a sharp image on their retinas to develop a good sensory network, the sooner their vision is corrected the earlier improvements are seen. 


Our professional team will ensure your child is comfortable wearing their glasses.


Many children can see well with each eye but have problems focusing them together causing binocular instability, so tracking and convergence is assessed during their eye test.


Often children with learning difficulties have a greater risk of these problems.


The Optometrists may recommend simple eye exercises for your child to help rectify these problems.


If there are any doubts concerning over accommodation during the eye test, the Optometrist will instill drops and re-check the eyes after 30 minutes.


This is usually only required for children under 7 years old and if a history of squinting is recorded.


Every child should be tested to ensure their learning is not impeded by reduced vision. All it takes is 20-30 minutes to rule out hyperopia, myopia, strabismus and colour blindness.

Tel: 01330 823306

E-mail: eyewise.opt@zen.co.uk

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