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 Eyewise Optometrists ContactLenses - Banchory

  Which Type of lens is suitable for me ?






With so many types of Contact lenses available, you need the expert and professional advice of our Optometrists, to help you choose the most suitable lenses for your life-style.


Contact lenses can be worn daily or occasionally. It’s an alternative to wearing glasses and liberates you to play sport and socialize with comfortable and flawless vision.


Our Optometrist will need to check your tear quality and quantity, signs of sensitivity or allergies and the shape of your cornea at a fitting appointment to assess the most suitable lenses for your eyes.


The type of Contact lens supplied will depend on the prescription from your most recent eye examination.


An Eye Test may be required prior to fitting if you last  prescription was over 12 months ago.


Full fitting and appointments start from as little as £39.00.

Soft Daily Disposables are ideal for ease of care, with 2 weekly and Monthly disposable lenses, or Gas Permeable lenses available in most prescriptions including astigmatism.

New Contact Lenses both Soft and GP are frequently coming on to the market with improved materials – so even if you were found unsuitable in the past: Now you too can wear Contact Lenses.

We are confident fitting children with Contact Lenses but children under 9 years old find the assessment and fitting appointments stressful and should only be trialled when well motivated and with good parental support.


We offer our customers a ‘Complete Care Scheme’: It is a convenient way for patients to meet their Contact Lens aftercare needs and you can include solutions and it is usually paid by direct debit.

We stock an extensive range of Contact Lens solutions to cover everyone’s needs.


As Independent Opticians, we can supply contact lenses from all the leading manufacturers enabling us to fit the most suitable and comfortable lens effectively.


           Eyewise Optometrists           Contact Lenses - Banchory

The Soft Contact Lens:

The Soft Daily Disposable lens is replaced every day after use, therefor no cleaning or storage solutions required.


The Soft 2 weekly or monthly disposable lens is worn daily and lenses replaced at the end of the 2 week or monthly cycle.

Solutions are required for cleaning and storage purposes.


The Toric Lens: Patients with astigmatism now have the choice of daily or monthly soft lenses readily correcting to 2.5 dc.

Coloured Contact Lens:

Is  usually  worn to either enhance or change thecolour of your eye.


They can be purchased for either daily or monthly wear but often 

just for occasional social wear.


 If they are replaced monthly, solutions are required.


Coloured lenses without a prescription are available.

The Gas Permeable Lens:

This is a hard contact lens, usually worn daily or as required.


New lenses are replaced either six monthly or annually. 


Solutions are required for cleaning and storing these lenses.


The lens usually has a distance prescription but if suitable a multi-focal lens for both near and

distance vision is available.


The Topcon DC3 Digital Camera

Eyewise Optometrists

Can now record any of your Contact Lens related changes and anterior eye diseases with our Digital Camera.


The latest DC3 Digital Camera attachment now takes superb 8 mega pixel photographs and videos of the anterior chamber of your eye.

                  Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory

 Will always offer expert and impartial advice on the most suitable and cost effective Contact Lens available to you.

Tel: 01330 823306

E-mail: eyewise.opt@zen.co.uk

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