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Myopia Control Management

Myopia or ‘short-sightedness’ is a condition when the eye continues to grow and becomes too long/too powerful and distant light is focused before reaching the retina.


In the UK, the proportion of myopes has doubled over the past 50 years in the 10 -16 year old age group.Various factors have been identified which cause myopia and its progression.  Eyewise Optometrists will explain the risks for your child based on:

  1. Genetic Factors – e.g. if one parent is already myopic (3x times the risk) or siblings already Myopic.
  2. Refraction – ideally a 6 year old should be Hyperopic (long sighted 0.50 -0.75 D) A rapid refractive change up to 2 years prior to the onset of Myopia is a strong prediction.
  3. Visual Efficiency – signs of (Esophoria) over convergence with near objects and accommodation issues.
  4. Environmental Factors – the time spent out of doors as sunlight has a protective element (20 hours a week is optimal). Limiting near visual tasks i.e. digital device usage.

Why should you be concerned aboutMyopia?

All Myopes have an increased risk of ocular conditions such as Retinal Detachment, Myopic Neuropathy and Glaucoma (18x risk). (Risk factors rising from 2x to 40x as Myopia increases from 1.25 to -6.00 Dioptres).                        

Please act now if concerned as with every -0.25 dioptres increase, your myopic risk increases.

Eyewise Optometrists can assist you with the management of Myopia with a comprehensive set of tools which it has employed successfully over the past 10 years/Progressive spectacles, Multifocal soft contact lenses, and Ortho K contact lenses. With these tools and our expertise, we aim to achieve the slowing of myopic progression from between 12% to 60%.

Daily soft Multifocal and Ortho ‘K’ Lenses have shown to have the most beneficial and effective results in slowing myopic progression.

Recent studies show that children who wear contact lenses have no increased risk of infection or complications than older 16+ year old’s, so parents can be confident in managing their child’s myopia at home.

 The earlier your child is assessed the sooner we can manage their myopia risks and slow down its progression.

All developments in myopia management research will be monitored by your optometrist and shared with you when available.

The links below will help you investigate Myopia and its management.






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