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Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory Ortho 'K' Lenses 

Ortho Keratology - Ortho 'K' Lens Nocturnal Lens

   1. A Corneal Topographer   2. A computerised Image

20:20 Vision without glasses! 

You no longer require Laser Surgery!

Ortho 'K' Lenses are also known as Nocturnal Lenses.


They are Gas Permeable lenses, (hard lenses) that

are worn only whilst asleep. They gently reshapes the curvature of your cornea to change how light is focused on the retina at the back of your eye to improve your vision.


Ortho 'K' lenses are especially useful in controlling myopia (short sightedness) in young people. Latest research indicates a 43% reduction in myopic progression.


Your cornea is measured by the Optometrist using an instrument called a Topographer utilizing a computer program. Lenses are then individually manufactured for your eyes.


Ortho 'K' Lenses are inserted with lubricant fluid just before sleeping and removed upon waking by a simple blink technique. Lenses are then individually stored for the next night.


Ortho K' lenses are suitable for adults and children with low myopia (short sightedness) usually up to minus 5 diopter (lens power).


These lenses are suitable even if you have been unable to wear daily contact lenses due to dry eyes.


After a few nights wear depending on your prescription, you can discard your glasses and if you stop wearing your lenses; you can return to spectacles if you ever want to!


Please ask our Optometrists for advice and if

Ortho 'K' lenses are the right choice for you.


There is an initial assessment fee of £39.00.


The lenses are then individually designed and made for you at a cost of approximately £250.00.


Your 6 monthly lens replacement scheme including full aftercare starts from £29.00pm.


Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory

Are the only are the only Ophthalmic Opticians in the area with the equiptment and experience to fit these lenses.


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