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Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory    Vision Therapy   

Vision Therapy - Behavioural Optometry

Eyewise Optometrists - Banchory

have considerable expertise in Vision Therapy

 or Behavioural Optometry.


All assessments are undertaken by a certified BABO Optometrist.


Vision Therapy is treatment for visual processing deficits which prevent  children reaching their full potential. It is usually evident in reading, writing

and spelling difficulties.


Many children diagnosed with having learning difficulties e.g. Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, can benefit from a Behavioural Optometrist's holistic view of improving the processing of visual information.

Short term memory difficulties such as fatigue, slow copying from the board, letter reversals and blurring of letters while reading, can be attributed to less efficient processing by a child and can eventually lead to avoidance.

Assessments using a battery of American and Australian Visual / Psychology tests lasting approximately 1½ hours will identify the child’s strengths and weakness for learning.

Motor skills, orientation, memory and perceptual analysis are assessed with fun games to see if any area can be improved upon. A report is then prepared and results sent to the parents or guardians.

Vision Therapy is then tailored to your child’s specific needs using short exercises often movement related. The Behavioural Optometrist selects the exercises to stimulate the child into using the correct and efficient strategy for tasks expected of them in class.

There are usually 4 - 5 exercises prescribed to be done at home, taking about 20 minutes per day. These exercises increase in difficulty at a pace that keeps the child’s confidence up. Vision therapy requires a commitment from parents / care givers but is worthwhile when you see the confidence it can give your child.

The number of vision therapy appointments required can vary from 6-15. The follow up appointments are every 2 to 4 weeks .Once you child has discovered efficient ways to use their visual world, their pace of learning will improve.

Some 5% of the children we see are troubled with 'visual noise', often manifest as moving letters; that is to say they find there is too much for them to see in a page of letters. These children can be assessed to see if coloured overlays may help allowing them to have a better reading rate.

If you or your child's teacher has any concerns about how your child is utilizing their vision to learn, please ask for our ‘Vision Therapy questionnaire’ as it may be beneficial.

Learning difficulties including problems with reading once identified, is the starting point for you to help you child with a therapy tailored to your childs needs.

  • The Cost of Vision Therapy:
  • Overlay assesment £40.00.
  • Tracking and Binocular assessment from £100.00
  • Full Visual Therapy assessment with a report starts from £190.00.
  • Therapy follow on appointments from £30.00 to £50.00.

Specialised Computer Therapy programs from £80.00 (goggles on loan £10.00 refundable deposit)

  •  NHS assistance is not available for this branch of Optometry.
  • If you are interested in Vision Therapy please contact us requesting a Questionaire and appointment.
  • For more information on Vision Therapy - Behavioural Optometry see the BABO website.  www.babo.co.uk

Tel: 01330 823306

E-mail: eyewise.opt@zen.co.uk

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